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Suzie in shock. (My favorite image of Suzie from last weekend's shoot.)

Being an indie producer allows for the occasional down time on set, especially with an experienced crew and an easy location.

Most of my job is done in prep before a single frame is shot. During filming, my role is generally that of problem-solver and den mother—making sure everyone's communicating well, keeping on schedule, doing things safely and eating during breaks. It's often a balancing act between keeping the cast and crew happy and keeping our location from being trashed.

Some days, it's a constant battle and nothing seems to go right. People get lost, the light keeps changing, leaf blowers are on full blast, and lunch is late.

Happily, last weekend's Wasp-Men from Mars! shoot went as smoothly as an indie shoot can expect to. Our locations were beautiful and easy to work in (easy access, plenty of parking, enough nearby shade, and generally quiet). Our actors were well-rehearsed and in the zone. And our crew were focused and flexible.

So while my feet ached at the end of the weekend like they always do after a shoot, I found that I had had enough down time to take a surprising number of photos.

Final touch-ups for Suzie (Ashley Rose McKenna) before the picnic.

James (Diogo Hausen) getting ready for his close-up.

Timmy (Christopher Markle) waiting for his moment.

The boys in the Dodge.

Suzie before the fateful picnic.

Suzie and James between takes.

Timmy feeling like the third wheel.

James trying to tell Suzie the truth.

James transforming.

James and Suzie face off.

Wasp-man teaser.

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