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Ode to a Sunset at Sea


by Tora Chung

March 3, 2008


A globe abound

Of gold made round,

Beset by gloating,

Resorted to floating

Till gravity shifted

Then split it and sifted

Its glowing reflected

To glory dissected,

Bobbing on motion

Of water’s devotion

Till finally it melted,

Its oozing, I felt it,

Taking the plummet

From Heavenly summit

To jelly it quivered

As evenin’ first shivered--

A glimmer, a gleam,

A sliver, a seam--

Reduced to a dot,

Relinquished its spot

To wishful thinking,

Only an inkling

Of what it had been

By finally sinking

Its Cheshire Cat grin.

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