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by Tora Chung

October 6, 2011



Yesterday, the world lost visionary Steve Jobs. We all knew it was coming, yet it still came as a shock.


I hadn't intended to go but, yesterday evening, I found myself at the Apple store near Union Square. There I was greeted by a throng of people leaving and reading notes on the glass facade above burning candles surrounded by flower petals. It was a sweet, spontaneous, public tribute to a very private man--a man who had become more influential than any rock star. 


I was more moved by it than I could have imagined. 


I realize now that it's because he was not only the co-founder and face of Apple, a brilliant business man and marketer, but a man who understood that people wanted a personal relationship not with technology, but with what technology could connect us to: one another. He envisioned the seamless fusion of design and function on a very personal level. 


The 'i revolution' was really the 'I evolution.'


And because of this, I join countless people around the world in marking the passing of an extraordinary person, one who gave so much of himself so that we may connect more to ourselves. 


Here's to you, Steve.

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